With their recent results, Google may be Europe's next big threat

Old and new teams alike are showing their strength in the group stages. Going almost uncontested, could Google be on the rise?

ETS EU #4: Group B concludes with Bubble Squad and Fnatic advancing

Group B showcased more of EU's love of double warrior lineups featuring a new meta involving Stitches, Anub'Arak pair alongside of top tier mainstays Diablo and Muradin

Group A concludes with Na'Vi and TCM gaming advancing

The balance update changes were in full affect with Na'Vi dominating the group with Stitches and TCM advancing as well using the long forgotten Anub'Arak during ETS EU #4.

The Sandwich Monkeys clearly in the lead after final ETS #4 qualifier

After winning the final qualifier, ADRD's new team 'The Sandwich Monkeys' have the highest points by a long shot.

EU struggle for dominance continues in Enter the Storm qualifier #5

Fnatic is on top of the rankings, but Na'Vi won the qualifier. EU still has no clear strongest team.

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