OG and EHOME take top seeds in Bucharest Minor Group B

OG and EHOME will take the upper bracket journey in the playoff stage of the Bucharest Minor as Group B concluded today. 

Bucharest Minor; Group A sees Gambit and Keen on top

Group A of the Bucharest Minor has come to an end with the four teams claiming their spots in the playoff brackets. 

Playmakers round out the Bucharest Minor teams

The Peruvian team, Playmakers, are the last team to qualify for the Bucharest Minor and round out the lineup expected to appear in Romania next month. 

Gambit locked in for Bucharest Minor

Gambit has secured themselves their second DPC appearance after a dominating performance in the Bucharest Minor CIS qualifiers. 

Keen Gaming and EHOME to appear at Bucharest Minor

Keen Gaming and EHOME have earned the right to represent China at the Bucharest Minor next month. 

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