- Each match will have a pre-set time and date, set to the last day of the playweek on a time which is timezone friendly for both players.
- Players are allowed to reschedule within the playweek.
- Players must inform an administrator of the new match time at latest a day ahead of rescheduled time.

- It is the player's responsibility to check the map pool. If a player protests an incorrect map after playing a game on it, the game will not be replayed.

- The loser of a match in a BO3 chooses a map from the map pool. The same map can not be used more than once.

- Players must start their games within 30 minutes on the Battle.net client. A failure to meet this requirement can result in a disqualification.

NOTE: Exceptions can be made if players ask admins for a break, and this will be given on a case-by-case basis at the admins discretion.

- Disconnects:
Client disconnect:
- In the event that one player disconnects, the game will be replayed unless both players agree otherwise, or the admin rules in one player’s favor. The disconnected player will never be awarded a win unless both players agree.

- A game cannot start without a registered/confirmed “go-ahead” from an admin
- Admins can put games on hold at their discretion (ie. pending casters availability)

Observers are limited to:
- Official casters (max 1-2)
- Streamer (max 1)
- Tournament Admin (max 1-2)

- All casters/streamers/admins will be listed on GosuGamers.net by admin username / battle.net account name before the event to avoid confusion.

- Players are expected to treat other players/admins/casters/streamers with respect. Offensive language/behaviour will not be tolerated and can result in a warning and/or disqualification from the event.

If a player feels incorrectly treated, he may issue a formal complaint with an admin.

An admin will then review the complaint and at his discretion issue a warning. After three warnings a player can be disqualified at the admins discretion.

NOTE: Warnings will carry over through the entire day of the event.

Round 1: TSL3 Metalopolis
Round 2: GSL Bel'Shir Beach
Round 3: GSL May Tal’Darim Altar

Other maps in the mappool include GSL Terminus Re, iCCup Testbug ,Xel'Naga Caverns, GSL Crevasse, MLG Shattered Temple, Shakuras Plateau.

Playoff map pool order:
Quarterfinals: Xel’Naga Caverns
Semifinals: iCCup Testbug
(Loser’s) Finals: GSL Crevasse

The Quarterfinals, semifinals and loser’s finals are a best of five series. The finals will be a best of seven series.
The higher seeded player will have the choice of server, except if it is between an EU player and a KR player. In this case, the games will be played on the NA server.
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