Hype for Zoun vs Armani on Wednesday

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Let's appreciate how amazing this match is going to be. We have two players who have both just begun to make appearances in the GSL (the last two seasons), and as such are our newcomers in a way.

Another thing that both these players have in common is that beyond merely stepping into the spotlight they have both recently made huge steps up in the eyes and expectations of the SC2 community. Armani's rise has been more gradual, demonstrating consistency in various online tournaments, while Zoun's reputation has just now blown up with his amazing performance in this round of 32.

Nobody guessed Zoun would go 2:0 against soO and 2:1 against INoVation to get out of the group first. Was it just a very, very good day from Zoun or is this the Zoun we can continue to expect as the GSL progresses? Armani, Zoun's zerg counterpart in rise-to-fame (and I postulate they are even counterparts in playstyle), and just as eager to prove himself, is here to test that question.

Hype for the round of 24's first group!

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