Some support for Harstem's series "Is it imba or do I suck" (written by another IIODIS victim)

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Hi, I'm ADAV (not a fake, only cloaked under a different name on reddit) also known as the French Protoss "Tradebase" guy who complained in one of Harstem's "Is it imba or do I suck" videos about invincible spine forests and zerg imbalance and thus rightfully diagnosed with the "you suck" stamp (on the penultimate IIODIS video released one week ago).

I really appreciated Harstem's work and particularly the roast on my "plastic master" level and I hope (if you're reading me here Mr. Harstem) that you won't be stopping your iconic series because of a single unfortunate setback !

I must say AlfaBlomman got into an exceptional situation (having his replay sent by his opponent without his consent see link on the reddit thread below). I'm also posting a reddit thread to say this wasn't my case. I deserved all the roast and it made me aware of my weaknesses with a good amount of laugh from an external POV which is exactly what I demanded. I just wanted to show my support to Harstem and his actual series of great banter that I'll continue to follow prolly long after I'll stop playing the game (chasing mutas with slow units is not my thing anymore :D).


Cheers everyone !


PS : I wasn't drunk at all in that game, simply the last one of a terrible loss streak. I just didn't want to drop a stargate for only 4 mutas, I thought I'll lose my stalkers splitting them if he rallied more mutas and I above all, I wanted these spines dead ! (my mistakes after all). I admit it, I have my bias against the Zerg race and I found that replay to be the perfect opportunity to share that with all of u. Also for all those hoping to climb the ladder and suck really hard just like me, you can do it, (I'm around 4,5 k atm) but most importantly, have fun playing the game !

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