Struggling with creating and selecting higher number control groups (4,5, etc)

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Hi all, coming back to the game after several years. One thing I always struggled with was unit management via hotkeys. After say 4 control groups, I find it very difficult to not only create any higher groups, but even to select them. How does anyone easily ctrl +7 quickly?? It just seems like keyboard acrobatics / not easy to do constantly.

I've tried changing Alt to also serve the function of Ctrl to make it easier to hit higher groups but was wondering if anyone had any tips. I find that alt+ 1 is even easier than the default ctrl +1, not to mention the alt on the right side of the spacebar is easy to press with the higher numbers as well.

PS I'm learning Terran now, but when I used to play often I mained zerg and switched my QWE keys to take the place of 567, to keep all my units and structures in one close cluster. Looking for some other creative setups that may work for Terran! Thanks in advance!

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