In response to PartinG vs Nina during Shyrshadi Open #30

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The interaction between Nina and PartinG during their series for Shyrshadi Open #30 truly saddens me. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while participating in the Open, whether the series is casted or not. In a previous Open, both players were issued verbal warnings regarding unprofessional behavior in the form of exchanged words in the game during an extended pause taken by Nina in one of their games. Nina’s outburst in last night’s game vs PartinG is both unprofessional and unacceptable. In response to the situation, I have decided the following:

As a result of her actions, Nina will receive a 2 week ban from the Shyrshadi Open.

Both players will once again be asked to treat each other with the respect both of them deserve as pro players in an attempt to prevent future incidents.

Further, PartinG will be asked to refrain from derogatory remarks directed toward his opponents in future Shyrshadi Opens.

The Shyrshadi Open is a tournament that strives to create a fun environment in a professional setting to produce the best experience possible for both players and viewers. It is my hope that we as a community can grow from this, realizing that w

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