I just started playing SC2, and I want to express my feelings.

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Hye everyone, thank you for your time reading this. I have just started playing this game for a week, 2hours everyday. And this post is just to express my feelings about playing this game.

A lil background, I've played SC and RTS when I was a kid and I remember that I played just vs AI. During that time, all I was thinking just building massive amount of army and I just used cheatcode when I cant beat the AI.

20 years later, I recently getting bored at playing MOBA and I would like to give SC2 a try. During my lunch break, I will watch YT video of how pro players play and watch some channels guiding how to play a strat, so that I got the idea of what to do in my actual game.

Later that night, I will play atleast 4 AI games and then que for unranked match 2v2. And here's what I wouls like to complain.

I do not know how is the rank system works but I believe my score is just 170 bronze I guess? But I dont mind bout it. What I do mind is that every single night, I will face a much higher rank oppo, something like 5-6k bronze. I got smashed even before I build a second base.

It's a bit unfair I guess, but I dont blame the oppo since I live in SEA and the nearest region available is Taiwan and S.Korea, and I know my oppo are better at the games compared to me. I mean, I was getting cursed for not rushing Starport.

Idk. Maybe I'm not good at this game. Or maybe I need some space for newbiew to learn new things and not getting cursed at.

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