The best thing I ever got from SC2 was realizing I have anger issues.

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I fucking hate this game. I fucking hate the person it turns me into. Losing in this game feels shitty. Feeling like you're too fucking stupid to improve feels shitty. Dealing with fucking assholes sending DMs to taunt you after they win, even when you were polite in game, feels shitty.

That being said, realizing that wanting to put my fist through the monitor, or having to do 12 intense rounds on the heavy bag, or wanting to throw my keyboard across the room, or taking all that anger around with me for hours afterward, was not "normal" was the best (only) good thing I got from SC2.

I legit realized I needed help, anger-management help, and that the game flipping me out was just one symptom of a larger problem.

Thanks to SC2 I realized I need to find a way to get my shit together and am on the path to a calmer me.

I still fucking hate this game.

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