The Tempest upgrade is nice.

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I played a game today as Toss against Toss, and he opened with cannons in his natural and i spotted a startport and (that other building that unlocks tempest) and i was sure we will do a 2 base all in AirToss thing. I started my own and after a few minutes, like 5 i was on 5 bases and attacking him with AirToss.

Then i noticed the Tempest upgrade was already in game, i thought it was still in testing phase.Started it up and with it completely completely destroyed his turtle base. He had lots of cannons, shield batteries and so on. Had it not been for the tempest upgrade it would've taken soo much more to break through that. It was great.

Nice update
Edit: Don't judge me, or him, we are in Gold, where everything is chaos and absurd

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