Need to do something against smurfs who are RAMPANT in diamond 2.

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So I can only really play sc2 on the weekends now and then if I drink after work on a Friday IRL... Saturday im too hungover to be arsed about playing so that leaves Sunday.

Sundays I also do random shit, like today I put bug nets on all the windows in my house and cleaned like fuck... Which left me with basically 6hrs or so to play. So I played for like 3hrs inbetween eating dinner and watching utube vids and just having a good time on the PC lol

AND NO LIE THE MAJORITY of people i played were smurfing. They all had 'master' in their profile, yet im playing in diamond 2...

And you can just feel that they aren't the same level when ur hit with 3 drops in each base or they push and there's no reinforcements to kill and they leave them at home defending you can just feel that they're playing masters level.

Then after the game, check their profiles and its 'masters', in 1v1..

Something needs to be done about this because these players are knocking my MMR down and then I get idiots who steal both my gases and then open BCs and just walk them into queens and spores losing them lol who i destroy so easy but then get my MMR back and lose to another masters smurf. Tonight though I played like maybe 15 games and probably 10were smurfs. Its getting ridiculous I wish I could only search for games with legit paid for accounts that blizzard can run some kind of algorithm to select 'no suspected smurfs'. Or just do something to fix it.

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