Would laddering be better with matchup-specific MMR?

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I haven't laddered for like 5 years but I'm thinking about getting back into it, and it seems like whenever I stopped laddering, it was more often than not because I felt totally helpless in TvZ. It may have been the TvT matchup at some other points. Either way, while really crushing it in particular matchups at particular times was fun, it wasn't enough to compensate for being outclassed in the matchups I was bad at. If I had one rating for TvT, one for TvP, and one for TvZ, I could practice against other noobs in the bad matchup while actually being able to improve further in the good matchup instead of smacking nerds for easy dopamine.

Could this improve laddering? Is it already implemented? Is it the dumbest thing you've ever heard? Let's hear it!

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