The Race-Swapped Epilogue IS OUT NOW!

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I've just finished another project. The Race-Swapped Epilogue is a modification of the final LotV missions. In this version, you can choose which race to play as: terran, zerg or protoss, each with their own dialogues and upgrades.

Important: you can now use the replay system to save and load games!

Important: you can find these maps on the Arcade as "Terran Epilogue", "Zerg Epilogue" and "Protoss Epilogue".

It's free to play on the Arcade right now!



These maps take a lot of time and effort to make so if you'd be willing to support me on Patreon, you have my thanks. Plus, you get exclusive updates on my progress and you'll know in advance when I'm about to publish a new campaign.

Join the Discord server! https://discord.gg/tesspzy

Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/SynergySC2


My other campaigns (all free to play on the Arcade)

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