Why am I getting promoted.. When I LOSE?

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I'm new to Starcraft. Recently unlocked ranked, and have to say - I'm a bit confused/frustrated.

I am not good at this game. Total noob status. Sometimes I pull off a W thanks to the help from tips in the r/allthingsprotoss sub, and some cool streamers/youtubers.

But, what has me running my hands through my hair is.. I keep getting promoted. Even after a loss?

I'm new and NOT good at this game. You'd think that match making would see that, and put me in low bronze, right? Maybe I should have to struggle to get promoted, right? Nope.

I have been playing ranked for two days and am already Silver 2. I know that's not high to an experienced player - but, to me it is huge. Now, I wouldn't care if I was getting promoted after winning, after performing well you know? Maybe I'm new and naturally good? Maybe I am just picking this game up quick? But that's the problem.

Multiple times I've been promoted when my MMR goes DOWN after a loss? I just want to play other people at my skill level (or at least within reason, seeing how there's prob not many new people since its an old game and matchmaking algorithms do their best, but can't be perfect).

I mean, the game I got promoted to Silver 3 I lost horribly, and then got promoted.

So I can't feel good about being promoted, since it doesn't feel like I earned it. And now I'm frustrated I am facing better and better players, even though I am losing. Shouldn't I be getting demoted?

Maybe I am winning enough games inbetween losses to send my MMR up. If so that's okay. I'd like to feel as if I earned some of these promotions, but getting them after losses confuses me. Perhaps I don't understand how they do the ladder here?

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