10th Anniversary: Favorite match in Starcraft 2 history?

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I’ve been watching Starcraft 2 for 10 years now and there’s been so many amazing games and matches throughout the years. One match that will always be among my favourites is Game 7 of Soulkey vs. INnoVation as no one except Soulkey has ever comeback from 0-4 but there’s a match even more impressive.

During GSL 2011 quarter-finals it was MarineKing vs. NaDa

I’ve seen hundreds of hours of Starcraft and this is still the match that impressed me the most. If you love Starcraft, watch this game and it will change everything you know about Starcraft. This match has everything from macro to micro to huge armies to tiny armies to max supply to tiny supply to base trades to mind games and everything else. It’s 30 minutes of the greatest Starcraft game ever played and it’s won in a fashion that no one else has ever won before in the GSL.


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