Is there somewhere I can learn the overarching explanation of the units instead of endless builds?

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I was recommended to watch Winter, Zuka, and a few others, and I've noticed that I'm not really learning anything overarching about the factions from them, or from many other places online. I eventually learned Protoss, but only after an absurd amount of time playing them. I still am not good. But I know why I win and lose against Protoss, especially while playing Protoss.

I'm wanting to find somebody that explains the overarching pieces of each faction, what units are going to do what for you, etc. Right now, I search "Terran unit guide starcraft" and I get about 600 build orders that assure me, "No no, you don't need to know WHY you're doing this, you just need to do this." I want to know WHY I make a unit or why I get dumped on by Terrans and their BCs 24/7 (aside from my poor scouting). But even if I scout as zerg and know they're making battlecruisers, I can't figure out how to counter them with an overarching change to my strategy. I can on Protoss, but nowhere else.

Is there anybody out there that explains the game like this?

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