Any interest in videos about competitive mindset?

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I'm interested in StarCraft, sports psychology, philosophy, science, yoga and awareness, mindfulness and presence. I feel kinda like making a video or two about it. Would you guys be interested in such topics all being kinda woven together? I have never made a YouTube video in my life but I have a lot of free time and would like to contribute to the community a bit, and spark some engagement on the above subjects and how they relate to each other. I'm reading through the inner game of tennis right now, and I am also in the middle of my second 200 hour yoga teacher training immersion, and I am feeling really inspired to create and share.

Simply upvote if you think it's something you would watch. And leave a comment if you have any cool ideas or topics you'd like me to touch on. I would also be Interested in having interviews with players or experts in any related fields. Feel free to drop me a DM or leave a comment.

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