I want your replays, with a chance for you to co-cast!

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Hello !

Am newish Starcraft 2 Content Creator and Caster, doing viewer submitted casting. Both to give players a chance to have their games cast as well as do commentary.

Here my youtube channel


Sample of casted game here

How to reach out to me to co-cast/submit replay?

My information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/redgunnerguy


Or, just PM me via reddit.

Why should I?

Apart from fun and getting the exp of getting casted like GSL( just at a much lower level), it does give you a chance to improve from.

Where will the games be casted?

My Twitch, and all games will be up on youtube soon(tm) after a cast. Will cast live Tuesday 7pmish KST. If you submit a game will PM you when on youtube.

What games should I submit?

Anything! 1v1, team games, Archon, tournament games you played, even arcade ( subject to consideration) . Anything will be helpful to this endeavor.

Any questions and feedback let me know

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