Co-Op Map Idea: Frozen Valley of Death

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Mission based of of: Nova Covert Ops 2.

Objective: Hold off enemy attack waves that will go through several select paths to the dominion base. If the base gets destroyed, then Amon's forces will be able to overrun the planet. You need to protect the base, and in particular, the Command Control Center. Enemy forces will make runs through the valley to attack, but they will also make attacks on your base at times. Effective use of the high ground will be highly beneficial. However, the enemy wont just sit around. Reapers, Raptorlings, and Stalkers might just find their way up to high ground to attack as well.

But in short, protect the pathways and fight off attacking enemies. Protect the base from getting destroyed, and win the day!

BOnus Objective: Protect the Munitions Depot/Research Facility: Enemy forces have found their way to additional support facilities still under the Dominion's Control. Take them out, and secure the facilities to make it easier to keep control and retake the planet.

Additional Notes: Something to make note of is that paths wont be able ot be built on, so they cant be blocked off easily, and also the enemy will run detectors. Cliffjumpers will have effective use on this map, as well as air unit builds. Anyways, it seemed like a fun map to make Co-Op, so I would love it if it did.

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