Terran Players, how do YOU group/control your siege tanks?

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I just recently got back into SC2 and I have been perfecting my Terran game. Most Terran players seem to group their main army (Marines/Marauders/Medivacs) on group 1, but I can't seem to find a consensus on the best way to control siege tanks efficiently? I used to put them on their own control group (2) and liberators on group 3, but I am finding when it comes to casters like ravens or ghosts later on in the game, then I run out of groups. I keep group 4 for CCs, 5 production, and 6 upgrades. I try not to go over that many and keep my armies to 3 groups, which seems to be the norm.

So my question is, is it better to keep siege tanks on group 1 with the main MMM army and then just control click the tanks when it's time to to into siege mode, then 2 for air and 3 for specialty units, or what method to you all prefer? Terran has so many units with their own abilities.

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