(Proper) Archon Tournaments

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So Harstem and Lambo are playing a lot of Archon lately. With more then 2 People on each Side.


I was just thinking, maybe there is a chance to get proper Tournaments set up for stuff like this. Just take a minute to think about how cool those games might look. What the pros are able to do in 1v1 right now is insane already, but there is still so much that they simply cant do, because it requires even more apm then they can give us. Now imagine 3-5 People on each team (like an actual balanced teamplay in sc2) playing this at tournament level. we would finally get games where there is constantly action in many different spots, and clumbs of army would be a thing of the past.


i just get goosebumbs thinking about what would be possible this way. Is there anyone else that was already thinking about this and would be interested in something like this to be setup?

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