Team UnRivaled is looking for active players of all leagues to join our team and compete in weekly c

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Hello there, my name is Koali, and I am a member of the admin team for Team UnRivaled, and former admin for The Chobo Team League (CTL). We are currently looking for active SC2 players across all leagues to join to compete in clan wars and leagues for all skill levels!

We are a storied clan, originally created to compete in the CTL. The CTL is a proleague styled teamleague in which teams play each other each week in sets separated by leagues. The top teams at the end of the season advanced to the post-season. Since TeamUR joined the league in Season 2, we have been the most successful team over the history of the league, including winning the most recent championship! For more information about the Chobo Team League, click here! The next season of the CTL is right around the corner so now is a perfect time to hop on board.

TeamUR is also active in the Validity Team League (VTL) an are all kill league, 4v4; VTL uses a set distribution of Platinum-Platinum-Diamond 2/3-Diamond. If you are looking to join some structured competition but aren't yet at the high master/GM level, then TeamUR is the place for you.

Why join Team UnRivaled? We're a closely knit and welcoming group of people. The team discord is a great place to hang out and chat. Most of us are also involved in other games, and are always up for talking about games, sports, or even just life in general. As a smaller team with an application process, you can easily form great relationships with everyone, and become part of the Team UnRivaled family.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form, it's only 10 short questions. After reviewing your application, an admin will reach out to you, most likely on Discord, in order to set up a tryout. Generally, you'll play a few games of StarCraft, and we'll chat about the games and yourself a bit. It's all just to make sure you're a good fit for us, and that we're a great fit for you. Having a microphone is a huge plus.

If you have any questions or want to chat, you can respond to this post, or you can PM me on Discord Koali#8154, and I'll be more than happy to talk.


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