Riot survey asks: "Who is the most powerful champion?"

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Malphite's passive suggests he is made of granite, with a density of 2.75 g/cm^3. Assuming his in-game height to be 2.5 meters and approximating his shape to a sphere, Malphite's weight is 18,000 kilograms.

When activated directly on top of a target, Sett's ultimate takes approximately 0.2 seconds to activate. If Sett ults Malphite, he carries the boulderman over a distance of 400 units. Normalized with Teemo units, 400 units is about 4.4 meters. Assuming Sett's height to be 2.2 meters, his weight can be estimated at 110 kilograms.

If Sett launches both himself and Malphite over this 4.4 meter horizontal distance, assuming a 45 degree parabolic trajectory, SettĀ 

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