2020 GSL Season 1 Pick-em Competition! - Round of 24 Results & Round of 16 Sign ups!

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Hello again to everyone and a massive thank you to everyone that has entered into the Round of 24 Pick-em competition. There was a total of 187 entries into the round of 24 which is way more than I expected which is really good to see and I am glad that all the time I have put into this was not wasted. Anyway, less of my ramblings on to what you are all really here for, to find out who has won the round of 24!

Round of 24 results

It came right down to the final group to decide the winner of the Round of 24 with only 2 points separating 1st from 2nd.

Congratulations u/Jslamson for winning the round of 24 and earning yourself a co-op commander or announcer pack of your choice. Please can you private message me on here with your battle.net details and your chosen prize so I can gift it to you.

u/Jslamson got off to a slow start earning only 10 points out of a possible 24 form groups A & B. But by earning a perfect score in groups C,D & E as well as correctly guessing TRUE to flop and soO to smash his group the points started to come flying in.

1st Place u/Jslamson 62 Points
2nd Place u/AlievSince98 60 Points
3rd Place u/SorteKanin 58 Points

I have made the spreadsheet showing every bodies points public for viewing as well so everyone can keep up-to date with how they are doing. If there is anymore information that you would like me to add just ask and I will see how feasible it is. For some reason as well I can only sort the sheet by name and not by points scored so if anyone has a solution to this please let me know.

Round of 24 Points Sheet

To those of you disappointed not to win. Don't worry! the round of 16 pick-ems is now open and there is still a chance to win 125 more points to take home one of the grand prizes so everything is still to play for!

Round of 16 Sign-ups

Round of 16 sign-ups is now open and will remain open until the stream starts for the first game of the round of 16. Format is identical to the round of 24 with the point scoring remaining the same as well. Please try and sign up to the round of 16 using the same username as you did with the round of 24 so that I can carry points over for the final results, if you don't do this you are reducing your chance to win the bigger prizes after the finals!

Round of 16 Sign-ups here

The prize for the winner of the Round of 16 will be a co-op commander or SC2 announcer of the winners choice. Points earned in the round of 24 will not carry forward to work out the winner of the Round of 16 so everyone is back on a level playing field.

For anyone who is confused by all this and have no idea what I am talking about please read the following that provides details as to what Pick-ems are and how to enter.

GSL Pick-em Rules and Information

As Always Good Luck, Have Fun & Happy Picking!

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