Announcing Cheeseadelphia Online! $500 Online Cup 8 Invites 8 Slots for Open Qualifiers!

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Nerd Street Gamers is proud to present: Cheeseadelphia Online, a $500 Online cup that will take place April 11th. Featuring eight Lords of Cheese that have performed strongly at recent Cheeseadelphia LANs and eight players that earn there spots in the open qualifiers!

Edit: Registration is completely FREE to get register just sign up on Lobby, then add your name to the challonge bracket!

Invite List

  • Astrea

  • TLO

  • JonSnow

  • Silky

  • SpeCial

  • Future

  • Nina

  • MaSa

Open Qualifier Info

All qualifiers will be Bo3 up to the qualifying round which is Bo5. All qualifiers will be fully open to any community casters! If you'd like to cast the qualifiers please reach out to me.

  • First Qualifier: March 21st, 12:00PM EST, Top 4 Qualify Sign up here

  • Second Qualifier: March 28th, 12:00PM EST, Top 2 Qualify

  • Third Qualifier: April 4th, 12:00PM EST, Top 2 Qualify


This is a qualifier for the $500 Cup Cheeseadelphia Online Cup on April 11th!

  • Single elimination bracket

  • Top 4 players qualify to the main event April 11th

  • Qualifying Match (Quarter Finals) are Bo5, all other matches BO3

With COVID19 making public gathering unsafe NSG is putting our infrastructure to work spinning up online events and ensuring competitors still have a chance to hone their skills and compete for cash prizes. We're working to ensure our online competitions provide as much content for the community, and chances for players to compete as possible. With that in mind we welcome feedback for how we can better support the competitive StarCraft community during this time.

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