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I started making mods for sc2 a year ago, and made some simple mods that changed gameplay significantly while leaving the game as a melee game. I started making those tournaments only for my Clan, but I decided to expand this to a larger community in order to find more people that like these kind of tournaments and have fun while playing them.

I intend to make tournaments for both my mods and other mods people like (there's a specific link to a form you can fill if you like a specific mod and would like tournaments made with it). If you like making mods, you can also join the community to have those mods played in our tournaments. Just to be clear, this is not an arcade community (pretty sure there's tons of those), most people here enjoy melee games and like to play these just to have fun with weird changes for a bit.

We also need casters for those tournaments in case you like casting and having to adapt on the go to weird scenarios, you can come join us too.

These tournaments are for fun, there's no money involved.

If you're interested in those, come join my discord: https://discord.gg/Gme3fWg

TL;DR: Join my community that organises sc2 modded tournaments (not arcade, these games are still melee and keep part or most of the things of the original game). Discord link is the one above.

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