Should a new player jump into Starcraft 2 or begin with Starcraft Remastered?

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Hi, I'm a very very very casual PC player, but recently I've been trying to get into it a little more. I've been interested in Starcraft for awhile and wanted to give the series a try.

Is it worth it to play Starcraft Remastered, or should I just play Starcraft 2? I know that sounds obvious. But I don't know anything about the original games and how advanced they are between each other. You know GTA is a classic game, but most people don't think you need to play it if you're interested in the series. They might point straight to 3 or even Vice City as the first entry to try.

I am interested in the lore, so I considered getting Remastered of the top, but if it's not necessary or possibly not a good game(that's not a criticism, I just don't know), then maybe I can skip it. I had never played any of the Diablo games when I played Diablo 3, but I understood fine and really enjoyed it.

I'm not sure I've even played a game like Starcraft before, but I'm really interested in trying it out. Thanks for the advice, in advance.

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