How do I win ZvT?

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Hopefully this doesn't come of abrasive but I have had a losing streak when it comes to Zerg against Terran.

First of all, playing Terran is simple as hell. They have like 3 strategies (imo). Bio with siege tanks, Battlecruiser teleport, and then Ravens and Air. Coming from someone who plays all, I rarely struggle with Terran against Zerg.

Anyway, I feel like I'm decent at Zerg, yet I always get outmanned. Each Zerg unit dies too quickly and I feel as if Terran counter Zerg well naturally.

I cant win very early game because their barricades stop zerglings. Midgame they end up having better defenses and can always easily counter me by scanning and using scan towers and missle turrets, and endgame Zerg units feel underwhelming when it comes to fighting massed bio and siege tanks.

And although I wouldn't consider myself the best nor the worst, I still have plenty of room to improve. Please feel free to share your timelines as well, that would greatly help me and maybe I'll feel more comfortable with that style against Terran.

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