My first multiplayer game after 15 years

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A little context: I used to play a lot multiplayer back in the day. I bought SC Reforged when it was released, but life happened and today I downloaded it and played a multiplayer game. I used to love TvB NR20, so I decided to give it a go.

So I queued in, and I started doing what I did 15 years ago. Build a lot of gateways to make massive goons. But both of my teammates dc'd and I was left alone just 15 minutes into the game. It really sucked. So the opposite team (2 of them) were annoyed that I was alone and suggested to ally me and get a victory, which I thought it was a nice gesture from them.

Except one.. he kept destroying my base, and after repeatedly telling him to stop and allied me, they decided to kick his ass. It drew a smile to my face, and was glad that there are people here who show good sportsmanship. So, KINGBOOTY and BROODONE, if you're reading this, you guys are the MVP.


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