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Ready for another round? We surely are! And the next round of ESL Open Cups will be here shortly!

Here is the information you need:

Important information for all competitors:


  • Early rounds until Ro4 are Bo3;

  • Finals are Bo5.

Where you can watch?

You can find an extensive list of casters that will cover the ESL Open Cups on the following url: https://play.eslgaming.com/starcraft/global/coverage

Quick Rules:

  • Be at least 20 minutes early to sign up for the tournament.

  • Join ESL chat channel on the respective server so you can find your opponents for the games.

NOTE: You just have to type this on the chatbox: "**/join ESL **". That is it, no event chat channel, nothing, only the regular ESL chat channel.

Enjoy the games! And GLHF to all the players!

-Your ESL Admin Staff

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