Hey Reddit! It's Golden :) here is report of <Player> and some news for my future!

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**This Thread is so long! so I added summary in below, if you want to watch it with my voice, please watch video here! https://youtu.be/zW4sHFW9EEo **

Hey my lovely Reddit, It’s Golden. I made this thread because I want to give you some information of my past things, and future :)

Today, I will announce three things. first one is Report of the “Player”, the theater performance about progamer’s life that I directed in september. and second one is my future plan, and some great news about my new challenge. and last one is about my streaming.

So... first one is report about “Player”! you may remember my performance project, which announced in July. I made some thread on reddit to inform you and get some funding for it. after nearly 1month funding, I could make almost 1,500 dollars, and it is almost half of our production costs and I added this monies to production costs. it couldn’t be happened if you and e-sports scene didn’t helped us, huge thanks on you again.

In September, in Hyehwa, which called as Broadway of South Korea, I played this performance after long practice. we played the theater play about progamer’s life, in front of totally over 4 hundred audiences like how brutal competition is, behind of stage.... it was based on my real story. some of audience tears, and I heard some warm words like “i didn’t know progamer’s real life, but after watching this I realized how hard it is” and “i thought progamer is just game addict, but it is not.”

it was truly amazing experience for me, and I want to thank you again. we were very appreciated.

and I will send donation rewards in near future, and i’m so sorry for sending late. but surely you will get it shortly. if you didn’t put your e-mail when you was donating, please let me know your e-mail and twitch account name to my e-mail [email protected] thank you

and, when I was making subtitle of this performance video for sending it to big doners, suddenly I wanted to show it publicly. so I asked to big donors, and they say ok to show it publicly. huge thanks to lovely big donors.

so, I will show it through my streaming in February 7 6pm Western america time, it will be played only once and I won’t leave videoes. so please join my streaming in time if you want to watch it. (you better follow my channel to get alert! https://twitch.tv/golden)

and... second one is about my future. as someone remember, I was trying to enter my University in 2016 and I eventually entered and learned about performance art. and I was totally gone in e-sports scene for study hard. and I graduated in last August, it was Early graduation for top students. my total GPA was 4.42, 4.5 was perfect score so I satisfied with this. and I think I proved that progamer has good possibility to be good at everything.

after graduate, i’m still hungry – it means, I want to study more. I studied about performance directing, and I want to study more about it. especially about tomorrow’s performance, like convergence between performance and new technology, and “New” performance thing like “e-sports stage” but unfortunately, there is no master course in Korea about that, so I wanted to study in outside of korea.

and after long thinking and planning, I decided to go to London, Ontario, Canada!

I was looking for Master courses in outside of Korea, and there is some studies about “Advanced Theater” in United Kingdom. so firstly, I was planning to go to United Kingdom for pass entrance exam for that school, but I think I need to improve my english skill to have class first and I need to do it like 1year. but if I go to United Kingdom first, visa condition and streaming time is not good. so I needed to find some place to go before study for Master course in United Kingdom.

and I realized that Canada has good time zone for streaming and good visa condition. (named working holiday) so I can study, exercise and do something in morning and evening, and I can streaming in night with my frequent viewers. and I heard about the city named “London” the city which has same name as capital city of United Kingdom, so I thought this city could give me inspiration to go to United Kingdom. that’s why I choose this city.

I will move to Canada in End of February, and I will live there, study english, prepare my master course, learn new culture, meet new friends, and improve myself. especially my english skill. my goal on english is to be overall score 7.0 in IELTS. with this score, I can pass language requirements for master course. it will be tough, but I will make it.

and.. Let’s talk about the last one. it is about my streaming. I actually started again my streaming to communicate with my viewers, improve my english, and make some money for my tuition fee and living costs.

I started my streaming in 2016 after I discharged from military. at that time, I was hoping to enter my Art University and I never thought about back to competition. so I spend many times to my study, and I only played starcraft when I was streaming. like

3hours per day. so I can’t deal against pro players. because there was no times for practice, and time for improve my skill. when I realized that I can’t deal against pro players, I turned out to be troll player to get more attention and support, but I think this was totally wrong choice.

I am not talking about troll tactics, I think problem is becoming irritant. since I started troll tactics, like what Dragon did, I got compulsion to entertain my viewers with humor, it made my streaming more irritant. like use badword too much time, argue in online... I think I lost some respect because of my recent act.

Through this thread, I want to apologize to everyone who was hurt by me. I’m so sorry about it. really.

from now on, I will try to reduce the number of badwords and madness while streaming. and I will not use troll tactics to under Master players. and I will be respectful to my opponent, and I will never do whine about balance. with this effort, I wish I can have respectful to my personality like what I had. but don’t worry. I will keep entertain my viewers, but I will find the way to entertain with not hurt anyone.

and more about my streaming – since 2016, I just did a regulary zerg ladder games, doing same things over 4years. but I have fear to change contents because if I do other things than normal ladder game, suddenly all of my viewers are gone. and my earning injured so hard. that's why I hesitated to do other things... but at this time, I think I need to have some fresh things on my streaming. Even it will give me some hard times for a while, I will invest.

so, first, when I arrived in Canada, I will increase my streaming time. usually I did 4hours streaming regulary. I will increase my streaming time to 6 or 7 since March, and I will spend 1 or 2day per week to try new contents. I would say this program as “Golden lab” - it includes some things like casting, do other races, educational streaming, viewer participated games... I will try so many things, and I will get your feedback, if viewers like it, I will increase time for that contents. I hope my streaming will grow with the trial.

Thank you for watching this long thread, i’m so excited to challenge new things in this year, It will be super hard, but if you will be my companion as always, I can do everything. thanks for your attention, if you have some free time, please follow my twitch channel(https://twitch.tv/golden) to get some alert, and hang out with me on my streaming! see you there! good bye!


  1. My Theater piece named <Player> is well done. I will be play the performance video publicly in Feb 7, 6pm PST on my streaming.

  2. I graduated my school with nice score, and I want to study more about performance. and I decided to go London, Ontario, Canada, to study english and streaming on good time.

  3. I will reduce the number of badwords on my streaming, and will develop my streaming after I arrived in Canada.

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