When This Post Is 5 Hours Old, The Pizza Pie Season 2 Finale will be live!

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Tonight at 5pm CST, we'll crown a new Pizza Pie Champion Of The World!

We've had a fantastic season full of awesome tournaments and a lot of new faces earning pizzas! Our finale features most notably a $250 USD Min. Prize Pool! A lot of money up for grabs, and a lot of the top names from throughout the season will be joining us!

The top 16 Players in our Pizza Points ranking were given invitations into the bracket, so already joining us tonight will be:

Rank #1- Gerald

Rank #4 - Marsman

Rank #7 - JimRising

Rank #9 - Bee

Rank #10 - Rhizer

Rank #11 - Asuna

Rank #12 - Hupsaiya

Rank #14 - Mixu

Rank #15 - RazerBlader

Rank #17 - Early

These players are already confirmed to be playing tonight, with the rest of the bracket being filled by open singup competitors with the next highest amount of Pizza Points. ex - if there are 2 open spots, and someone rank #20, #21, and unranked signup, rank 20 and 21 would get spots and the unraked person would not, even if the unranked person signed up first.

Hope you can join us for a awesome night of Pizza and StarCraft, the action kicks off at 5pm CST! all the games will be streamed on Colttarren's Twitch Channel With Colttarren and uncommon casting!

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