We are just 24hrs(ish) away from the Americas server Qualifier for IEM Katowice 2020! Sign up

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Alright folks, I'll keep it short:


  • Sign up link: http://iem.gg/IEMKATO2020-SC2NA

  • In-game Chat Channel: IEM (/join IEM in the Americas region)

  • Check-in: 15:00 Pacific Time

  • Late Sign up: 15:45 Pacific Time (in case you forgot to sign up, you can do it during the Late Sign up)

  • Starting hour: 16:00 Pacific Time - Timezone helper



  • All players must upload the replays of their matches

  • No Skins are allowed, all players have to play with the default skin;

  • All the in-game names should be recognizable and attached to your online persona. And all players must inform the battle.tag of their account on the respective field on the ESL Play platform;

  • All the Qualifiers will be transmitted by a team of pre selected Casters - for those who don't remember, applications were open since the announcement of the qualifiers. Currently we have streams listed to broadcast in English, German, French, Polish, Korean, Spanish, and Taiwanese;

  • 8 Players advance from the Open to the Closed, that means the last round played today is the Ro16. Closed is played tomorrow, Tuesday 7th, at 15:00 PST


If you end up facing issues when signing up, or have any general questions regarding the tournament, feel free to open a ticket on the support

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