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Couple years ago I released a program to provide rich presence info the discord for Starcraft 2. It was limited to Versus information including game state, and whether or not you're in the menus. I've updated the program to include additional information.

Source is here, including images for what it looks like: https://github.com/joshleblanc/SCRichPresence

You can download it here: https://github.com/joshleblanc/SCRichPresence/releases/tag/1.1.1

Extract the zip somewhere and run the EXE. You must have Starcraft II running before running SCRichPresence.

  • Added additional reporting for menus

    • Loading

    • Watching credits

    • On the "new user page" (when you click the tutorial button)

    • Viewing a group/clan

    • Viewing a profile

    • In a lobby

    • Watching a cutscene

    • Looking at map details (Right clicking a map and hitting info)

    • Browsing replays

    • Browsing custom games

    • "Browsing" versus. This is the entire versus tab - blizzard doesn't distinguish the modes anymore.

    • On the landing page

    • Browsing collections (Again, no distinction between collections here)

    • On the login page

    • On the co-op page

    • On the campaign page

    • Score Screen

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