Question about playing co-op with Kerrigan

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I am new to starcract and I like playing coop with Kerrigan. I have a question about the build order that ppl use, if anyone is willing to help:

When I look at Kerrigan build orders online, they exclusively go hatchery first, and they play on brutal. I've never played on brutal, but when I play on hard mode, I usually get rushed by zerglings or zealots before Kerrigan is ready. And then most of my drones die before my ally comes to the rescue. This is really hard to get back from.

I observed another player once who did pool first and then he made a queen for defense (and for larva). After that he made a spine, I'm guessing to save supply and larva for drones instead of zerglings? He did make macro hatches and expansion later of course.

This worked really well when the zerglings rushed his mineral line, and I was wondering if I should do that instead. Of course my ally usually saves me, but I dont want to rely on that. How do other ppl do hatchery first? Do I just have bad luck, getting rushed all the time? I can't imagine you get rushed more on hard mode than on brutal.

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