In regards to Vibe`s Bronze to GM Teran Build-What to do vs Sky Toss? Replay attached

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Ok so in Silver you should get by without scouting, I managed to max out at 10 minutes, a 60 Supply lead. Well, he went Sky Toss, you could argue I didnt build enough thors but I´m pretty sure I would have lost even with 3 more thors or 5.

So I´m really clueless as to what I should have done, if I go only thors blindly, he wins with any other unit comp. Void Rays absolutely crap on mech, it´s kinda scarry that I´m getting crapped on in Silver for maxing out at 10 minutes. Maybe this guy is a smurf, but even then.... What do you do vs this? It´s 10 minutes into the game he had a 2-2 air fleet that rolled over me... According to Vibe, I should just win if I max out that fast, but I don´t think I can ever get enough thors, they get shit on by void rays. What do you think? Is this a clear blind spot of Vibe´s Build, if so, it makes me kinda sceptical that I hit that brick wall in Silver already, if a silver player can roll over this, then I think there must be a major problem.


But please look over the replay, maybe you can help me. I think I´m already doing wwell for silver, really don´t know what I could have done.

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