Is Protoss any good?

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I'm not trying to start a shitshow, sorry if this post comes across that way. I used to play a lot of Protoss back in WoL and had a blast with it, took a long break from SC2, and just returned. AFAIK Protoss appears to be lagging in winrates across the board, and the race feels extremely reactive compared to what it used to. Again, this could 100% just be me not understanding the new metas, but the winrates at least seem pretty compelling.

Every PvT matchup, for instance, it seems like my only chance is to either a) cheese all-in, or b) have very, very good scouting information on what Terran is building and when they're planning on pushing. They can drop mines, drop marine/marauder, push with tank/cyclone/thor/lib/whatever mech play suits them, and if I don't read it perfectly my army just gets annihilated.

And yeah, I can do standard Protoss cheeses, but I feel like the race should really have more in its arsenal than that.

On the flip side, there's not really any Protoss composition that has that kind of versatility. If I go zealot/immortal/archon and they go mech with lib I just die. And even the Protoss counter to that play requires far better micro in response to the Terran push--managing tempests and disruptors together--than the Terran player needs to just seige and unseige. And if they throw some bio in the mix it becomes orders of magnitude harder for me to keep my tempest/disruptor alive, at least in my experience.

Again, I'm not trying to shit on other races or start some "fuck protoss" or "fuck zerg" conversation. But it looks like Protoss has been lagging on the competitive scene since WoL release from this chart: http://aligulac.com/periods/ And my personal experience is that playing them just feels 100% reactive, like I can't take any initiative of my own. I reached diamond with both Zerg and Protoss back in WoL and never really felt that either race was as weak as Protoss feels right now, would I be better off putting my time into practicing Zerg instead of Toss? I don't want to get back into the game and pick the race that's always on its back foot. I'm diamond 3 Toss now and the ladder just feels painful.

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