Co-Op Mutation #188: Equivalent Exchange

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Your enemies are painful to kill. They literally deal damage to everything near whenever you damage them, and they come back to life. Make sure they don't take you down with them.

Map: Void Thrashing

Damage dealt to enemies is split evenly across all nearby units, including your own.
Just Die!
Enemy units are automatically revived upon death.

Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Arcturus)] Spohky (Abathur)
[CtG (Dehaka)] Ancalagon (Vorazun)
[CtG (Zeratul)] Spohky (Karax)
[CtG (Tychus)] Ancalagon (Alarak)
[CtG (Stetmann)] Spohky (Kerrigan)
[CtG (Artanis)] Spohky (Raynor)
[CtG (Stukov)] [Hunter (Nova)]
[CtG (Han and Horner)] [Hunter (Swann)]


Other Notes:

  • This is the FIRST mutation on Void Thrashing in 45 weeks.

  • Diffusion affects units within 5 range of the enemy damaged.

  • Only damage dealt to Amon's forces or the rocks [instead of to your own forces] is reflected.

  • Diffiusion affects your buildings also.

  • Just Die! revives enemies after their death animation. They respawn with full health AND full energy and cooldowns.

  • The first kill does not yield biomass nor essence.

  • Mind controlling enemy units takes away from the enemy's "damage sharing" pool by virtue of transferring them to you.

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