Can we all take a moment to appreciate how freaking awesome HSCXX is? If you don't think it's best t

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  1. Great player lineup, including old stars (Taeja!).

  2. The venue! I mean, it's an esports tournament in waterpark?

  3. Very little to none technical issues - considering the venue (waterpark in the middle of a forest), it's unbelievably good.

  4. Best casters lineup - regular HSC casters including Rotti, ToD, DeMuslim; PiG and Artosis coming from the other end of the world; Lowko, Winter, Dimaga, Apollo, WhiteRa, MrBitter, Emil, Funka&Koka, Naruto - all on site; Hajin as translator; many fantastic guests giving their love for HSC, including Mike Morhaime, Kim Phan.

  5. Mapu as best observer ever!

  6. Incredible engagement from the community, including HuK's best game award, Tobi "Lorax" Lutke, CEO of Shopify doubling the prize pool, over 300 subs given out free from kybrit and many more!

  7. Fantastic interviews with people bound to SC2 - including Mike Morhaime, Kim Phan, David Kim, MC...

  8. SpeCial casting!!!11!one!eleven

  9. So many shirtless guys (still hoping Rotti will finally follow the example!)

  10. Great crowd.

  11. Mermaids.

  12. Memes!

  13. Theme song (can't get out of your head, can you?).

  14. Pre-match videos/gifs on versus screen.

  15. Slide competition.

  16. And so, so, so many more... Gimme your favorite things about HSC in comments!

I mean, it's still one more day to go and I feel like we're never gonna get to experience something so unique.

Thanks to all the people who made it possible. Blizzcon is not even close.

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