Co-Op Map Idea: Flight of Fear

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Amon's forces have begun an attack on a Dominion colony. The forces are overwhelming the planet, and an evacuation is needed. Only through the forces of two Commanders can the colonists safely evacuate to the spaceport and get off the planet.

-Based off of the first Ariel Hanson Mission.

-Players will have to defend the transports as it can take an array of different paths through the forest and to the spaceport from the base. As time wittles down, multiple colonist transports may launch at once.

-The Spaceport can also be attacked, and will need to be defended. If you lose the spaceport, you lose the game.

And that is the basic description. To go into detail, the routes the trucks can take would be able to be randomized, making it less predictable on where it might launch from, or what path it will take. Some paths even intersect, so just because it starts off on the right, does not mean it will stay on the right.

The mission will require to protect the objective both in transport, and the evac zone, and eventually will have multiple trucks trying to evac at once, taking various randomized routes. This will allow for lots of replayability, and will also provide quite a bit of difficulty of needing to defend both a mobile and stationary target, sometimes at the same time.

The enemy might build defenses upon the roads as well, so if your not careful, things can get really hairy really quickly. Be ready to counter their attempts to bar your way.

As for a bonus objective, that would be rescuing stranded squads of Dominion Marines. Saving them results in them getting on board they own medivac, and saying that they will help clear other areas and look for more survivors elsewhere to help evac (outside the map, of course).

Anyways, this is my Co-Op Map idea. Hope you like it!

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