Introducing Zephyrus: A New Replay Analysis Website

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Hey guys, this is something I’ve been working on for a little while now and it’s finally gotten to a point where I think it’s worth sharing with the community.


I’ve always been interested in data relating to SC2 and I also believe there’s more nuance to the game than most players let on, so those were my main motivations to create the site.

There are 2 parts to Zephyrus, the replay parser and the site.

The Parser

For those of you who don’t know, Blizzard has an official parser which allows you to extract raw data from replay files.

It doesn’t, however, provide an easy way to extract information from the raw data. All the high level parsers that did exist are pretty ancient now, so I wrote a new one from scratch with a strong focus on preserving gamestate and extensibility.

At the moment it’s nothing too different to what currently exists, but in future I want to add support for things like vision, camera position, ability usage and more calculated stats.

In future I want to open source the parser :).

The Website

At the moment you can upload replays and analyse them using the timeline and game stats as well as track your performance on a week to week basis.

  • Upload Page: Link your battlenet account and upload replays

  • Replays Page: See your currently uploaded replays and view timeline and game stats for them

  • Analysis Page: Performance tracking

The timeline has everything you’re used to plus more, and the same goes with the game stats and performance tracking.

At the moment only 1v1 ranked games (Unranked as well I think) are supported and the website is not mobile compatible (Who’s doing replay analysis on their phone??).

I’d like to stress that it’s early stage. There are some bugs/issues and missing features and I’m not a designer lol, but over time it’ll improve. Feel free to give me any feedback or make suggestions for changes.


Main Features:

  • Track your performance over time! See how your performance in key metrics changes over time

  • More in-depth information on units and buildings! See what mode units are in, what units/buildings have died and the progress of buildings (Upgrade and unit progress coming soon hopefully)

  • See the important info easily! A handy timeline tooltip shows all the most important info at every point during the game

  • Don’t lose your place! Freeze the timeline so you can thoroughly analyse a situation by clicking anywhere on it

Other Features:

  • Extremely lightweight. The site is less than 300kB total and replays are ~15kB each, making it extremely fast to load and view different replays.

  • Only load once. The site Single Page Application (SPA), so you only have to load the website once

  • Built-in replay list. Quickly access any of your 100 most recent replays

  • Fine-grained replay timeline. The game state is currently recorded every 5 seconds for the timeline

Here's a short video of the site if you're curious

I'm excited to see what you guys think about it

So what are you waiting for? Sign up!


Future Improvements:

  • Build out a winrate page

  • Redesign of header/nav section

  • Shareable replay pages

  • Bump up game state recording to every 1-2s (?)

  • Add account settings

  • ???

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • Broken time since the game was played on replays <1 week old

  • Sign in form goes off the rails if an error occurs

  • Failed replays don’t actually count as errors. If the replay upload count pauses for more than 5 seconds the upload is probably finished

  • Wrong colour highlighting for some stats (Ex: green highlighting on + 50% unspent resources)

  • Current Selection on the replay timeline is sometimes broken (Control group related)

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