Co-Op Commander Idea: Valerian Mengsk

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Emperor of the New Dominion.

-Take control of the New Terran Dominion, utilizing advanced Protoss inspired technology to augment your forces.

-Utilize energy shields and warp technology as well as Terran repair abilities.

-Utilize the Xel'Naga Artifact to devastate your enemies and buff your allies.

Level 1: Start with the Xel'Naga artifact, a powerful relic that is able to weaken Amon's forces and disrupt his machines. Can emit a pulse in a specific area that does instant and over time damage to enemies in a target area, as well as an ability to release a pulse that increases the damage of units inside by twenty percent for ten seconds. All of Valerian's units cost more, but gain plasma shields equal to their health. His buildings can only operate if built within the power field of a Terran Power Core or Protoss Pylon.

Level 2: Artifact Charging: Units near the Artifact regenerate their shields twice as fast. Unlocks the ability for the artifact to release a pulse that instantly restores 100 shields to all units in a target area, as well as another 100 shields over ten seconds.

Level 3: Valerian's Sons of Korhal get the following upgrades at the Tech Lab:
-Gives them a combat shield, increasing their health by ten.
-Unlocks the Stimpack upgrade, allowing them to take ten life damage in exchange for increased movement and attack speed.

Level 4: Unlock Unit: Imperial Banshee: Fast upgraded and improved strike craft. Has been augmented with Anti-Air missiles and is able to cloak. Can attack ground and air units.

Level 5: We Have The Technology: All of Valerian's Structures can be switched to warp units in wherever there is a power field, rather then training them one at a time. Holds up to three charges for each building.

Level 6: Upgrade Cashe: Shadow Ops: The Shadow Ops gets the following upgrades:
-Ghosts can now remain permenantly cloaked.
-Ghosts can use the Psi-Drain ability, doing 100 damage to a target enemy and restoring 100 of their shields and life. Can be auto-cast. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

Level 7: Warp Assist Construction: Valerian and his allies build structures ten percent faster.

Level 8: Unlock Unit: Imperial Battlecruiser: A powerful Dominion warship. Capable of using Yamato Cannon, Deploy Interceptors, and Tactical Jump. Can attack ground and air units.

Level 9: Upgrade Cashe: Factory: The Factory Tech Lab gets the following upgrades:
-Warp Assisted Siege: Siege Tanks in Siege Mode generate a power field.
-Warp Assisted Reloading: Goliaths gain increased attack speed.

Level 10: Artifact Ability: Ultimate Discharge: Release an energy discharge across the entire map, slowing all units including heroic by 50%, and increasing all allied damage by 50%. The entire map acts as if it was in a power field. Cooldown is 240 seconds, initial cooldown is 360 seconds.

Level 11: Protoss Insights: Combines the reactor and tech lab into the Tech Reactor, and makes it so every weapon upgrade increases the attack speed of combat units.

Level 12: Upgrade Cashe: Starport: The Starport Tech Reactor gets the following upgrades:
-Imperial Ravens can deploy a powerfield. While generating a powerfield, they cannot move.
-Imperial Battlecruisers can build and deploy up to four interceptors to assist them.
-Imperial Banshees Cloaking ability uses less energy to maintain. Initial cost remains the same.

Level 13: Show Me The Money: When Valerian or an Ally's SCV collects minerals, one mineral is added to their ally's supply.

Level 14: Ground Targeting: Photon Turrets can target ground units as well as air.

Level 15: Warp Field Stabilized: All friendly units inside friendly power fields gain extra shields equal to their maximum life. (if the unit already has shields, they get extra shields, and if they dont have shields, they just get normal shields)

Mastery Set 1:

Maximum Shield Bonus

Larger Warp Fields

Mastery Set 2:

Chance that shields ignore an attack.

Faster Warp Charge cooldown rate.

Mastery Set 3:

Artifact Ability Faster Cooldown

Increased Ability Strength


Great support abilities.

Durable Troops.

Good Economic boost.


Lacks decisively strong independent units.

Powerful units can be costly.

Obviously there needs to be some balancing here and there, for sure. But this is my idea for Valerian Mengsk, Emperor of the New Dominion, who brings protoss augmented Terran Forces and is a great support Commander.

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