Starcraft 2 alternate story fanfiction that feels more like broodwar/original and doesn't introduce

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This guy criticizes starcraft 2's story compare to Broodwar https://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/general/general-chat/227899-why-the-story-of-starcraft-2-failed

" The original StarCraft is deeply cynical. In Episode I, we play as a group of rebels lead by a man who turns out to be just as bad (if not worse) than the ones we are trying to overthrow. Victory is bittersweet, because while the heroes technically succeed in their mission (to destroy the Confederacy), nothing really seems to have been won. The system hasn’t changed, Kerrigan is (presumably dead), and Raynor has gone from being a marshal to a branded criminal (as well as a man with little reason to live).

....The story of StarCraft is deeply cynical, and the story of its sequel is not. Now, it should be mentioned there is nothing inherently superior about cynicism than idealism. The point that I’m trying to make is not that SC2 crashed because of idealism, but rather because it changed the core worldview of the story, and for no good discernable reason. Chris Metzen has claimed he was an angrier man back in the 90s than he is now, which explains why the worldview of the story changed, though not why it had to."


I missed certain things about the original starcraft series:

- The confederates backstab the colonists by unleashing the zerg on them

- Duke switches sides to defeat the confederates

- Mengsk abandons Kerrigan

- Duran backstabs Stukov

- Kerrigan backstabs Fenix


Raynor's anger towards Kerrigan was one of the remaining plot threads to e resolved at the end of broodwar, and by the way he's talking, it definitely doesn't sound like anyone wanted a love story:


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