Reynor: The legend who invented "Hallo" in Starcraft

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Let's make it clear. Reynor is the guy who introduced the community to the word "Hallo" in a cute and sexy way. Some (including those who were at HSC) think that it is Solar but here is some proof that it was Reynor. Yes, I have watched the whole of HSC and even those who were at HSC haven't been watching the whole stream as they were busy with some glasses, if you see what I mean. In this clip Reynor will say "Hallo" and then Solar repeats it:


Please let's make sure that the whole community and surely Reynor knows that he was the sole inventor of saying "Hallo" in the cutest and sexiest of way and, that he does not need to be shy about it anymore. Hopefully, this will increase our boy Reynor's happiness level to a 10 after such an invention.

Cheer up for Reynor even though he is in a group this week with the biggest, gigantic, colossal, grand or dare I say mammoth - sadly there are not enough words in the dictionary to fit that guy's description!

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