In the midst of this "Boycott EVERYTHING about Blizzard" movement, I feel like we're forgetting some

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This is just my personal view, so feel welcome to disagree with me, but I woke up today to see nearly a dozen (maybe more) posts about deleting everything blizzard on their computers and never playing any blizzard games again.

While I completely understand and empathize with this reaction, as someone who plays SC2 once a week but who watches a lot more, I will personally not be doing any of that.

First off, it makes me uncomfortable to consider "Blizzard" as this one big homogenous unit that does things with 100% internal consistency.

Corporate Blizzard did a very shitty thing by choosing the corporate (i.e. financial) response by cowing to China's bullying, and I completely agree they should feel the effects of that poor decision echo throughout their company.

But corporate blizzard isn't the same thing as the SC2 department or the people who work in the SC2 scene on a daily basis.

And I won't stop playing SC2 for this. I won't stop watching SC2 for this. I won't stop supporting SC2 for this.

While I care deeply about Hong Kong's cause and resisting the authoritarianism of the CCP, I don't think punishing all the amazing and beautiful people who support themselves off the SC2 scene by boycotting the game is the right choice. Why should those people suffer for someone in Blizzard's corporate PR department's choice?

I want to see SC2 grow, not shrink, and a corporate decision clearly made by a corporate office that has little to do with the SC2 department won't make me abandon our professional SC2 community.

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