"Tomorrow there will be a new Mengsk, and another one after that!"

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Well... Tosh was right, but here's hoping a shining bright future isn't completely an illusion. As much as it stings to spurn part of my childhood, Blizzard is largely done for me.

Which brings me to ask, when did everyone first get into the game? What was their experience like? Namely the original StarCraft prior to Brood War, since that came first lol.

Starting it up, I remember being so resonate with how campaign mission briefings felt so organic, and addressed you as an actual subject (like magistrate, cerebrate and executor.) Thanks to self-inserting, it really felt like you're part of their universe, influencing this. Too bad there's no such atmosphere in SC2.

Having done quite a few missions, I then tried taking an AI melee match for a spin; needless to say I was demoralized for a time, being steamrolled by the all-so-familiar 12-marine rush of Terran AI -- all whilst I was playing Sim City lol. I've obviously gotten better with mechanical skill over time, nevertheless.

Finally, what came were custom maps, amidst the term "Use Map Settings." I felt it was also the heart and soul of my playing experience, with countless memories. It's great to indulge in such a variety of games, and see the creativity of others flourish. SC2 arcade just isn't quite the same, yet I did love co-op.

Sorry if I'm rambling here, but I figured it helps my way of conscience, in expressing the part Blizzard had in my life... and sadly the way they utterly turned their back on it. On us.

Anyway, I'll pray for the best of things despite this debacle, and God speed HK.

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