Co-Op Mutation #179: Endless Sparkles

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Sulfur and other volatile substances that flow in the mines have turned your enemies rapid. They charge at you relentlessly and explode upon death. Before fleeing, you must help the civillian miners get off world.

Map: Miner Evacuation

Alien Incubation
All enemy units spawn Broodlings upon death.
Self Destruction
Enemy units explode and deal damage to friendly player units upon death.


Video Replays on Brutal:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Zeratul)] Ancalagon (Vorazun)
[CtG (Dehaka)] Iswald (Han and Horner)
[CtG (Tychus)] Iswald (Stukov)
[CtG (Fenix)] Iswald (Karax)
[CtG (Alarak)] Espurr (Zagara)
[CtG (Nova)] Espurr (Kerrigan)
[CtG (Artanis)] [Hunter (Stetmann)]
[CtG (Abathur)] Hunter (Raynor)



  • The number of broodlings spawned depends on the supply count of the unit killed.

  • Alien Incubation will not make buildings that normally do not spawn broodlings do so when killed.

  • Units that get killed leave small red circles where self-destruction explodes after two seconds.

  • The number of circles depends on the supply count of the unit killed.

  • Infested and Broodlings also self-destruct.

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