Zerg currently has a streak in almost every tournament series

StarCraft 2 /r/starcraft /u/maruderprime 37 comments
  • Last 8 WCS

  • Last 2 GSL

  • Last 4 IEM

  • Last 2 blizzcon

  • Last 2 Homestory Cup

  • Last 2 GSL vs The World

In case anyone wants to know what that looks like without Serral:

  • Last 6 WCS (Reynor wins all of these, he only ever lost to Serral in them)

  • Last 2 GSL (Dark and Rogue)

  • Last 4 IEM (Scarlett, Rogue twice, soO)

  • Last 2 blizzcon (Rogue likely wins both of them without Serral)

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