Series and Game Statistics Between Serral and Reynor

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Figured I'd share some stats I compiled between Serral and Reynor while bored.

Of all WCS matches played against each other..

5-3 Serral in Series

23-14 Serral in Games

All of these matches happen to be best of 5 or 7 except one which was Reynor winning 2-0 in group stage. This is included in the stats.


3-0 Serral 4-3 Serral


2-0 Reynor 4-3 Reynor 3-0 Serral 4-1 Serral 4-2 Reynor 4-0 Serral

Do these stats prove enough that Reynor stands as a serious rival to Serral skill-wise for this ZvZ matchup?

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