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Hi all,

After finally downloading the game about two or three weeks ago (I've watched on and off for years), I decided to get into laddering. I've watched a fair few tutorials, know what a basic build is, etc. I am also aware that losing is a part of the game and that the only way to improve is to keep playing through thick and thin, and until recently I was able to pull myself through ladder anxiety by saying that. However, I recently finished my placements (into Silver 3, which, while pretty bad, I still considered okay because hey, I wasn't Bronze). However, I then proceeded to lose two games in a row, putting me in danger of demoting to Bronze. That tore something in me - the idea of demoting to Bronze after narrowly escaping placing there was just so utterly humiliating that it froze me up, and very nearly had me considering whether quitting Starcraft was a better move than continuing to play, if playing Starcraft was going to bring me so little joy and so much anger, frustration, and stress. I'm sure this is a typical story around these parts, but does anyone have any advice?


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